Adrian Duncan, Paul Hallahan, Noel Hensey,
Vera Klute, Justin Larkin, Mark McCullough,
Sabina Mac Mahon, Alex de Roeck

A Prendergast & Moor idea
Molesworth Gallery, Dublin
8 July - 10 August 2016

> > > For immediate release > > >

Prendergast & Moor invite submissions from artists for public monuments.

These works should not respond to, reflect upon, nor bear testament to any preconceived notions the commissioning body has, nor anything outside the artist's purview.

The structures will not conform to safety guidelines nor health-code regulations.

The monuments may be situated anywhere the artist chooses.

There shall be a lengthy period of non-consultation with the general public on how the monuments shall be artistically compromised.

The artists shall not be bound by any nor all appropriate gravitational, motional or logical laws nor by-laws.

< < < Ends < < <

In the realm of 'public' art, the ideals of unadulterated artistic imagination are—sadly, though inevitably—always incompatible. An artist's idea creates a vision. As others are invited to look upon it, they obscure the view: commissioners, consultants, engineers, curators; followed by architects, health & safety officers, fire marshals, councillors, and finally, the public. When the crowd clears and the hoop-jumping is over, public sculpture inescapably ends up with every stakeholder involved at least a little bit unsatisfied. Couldn't just one be happy, knowing that their idea of what is fitting and appropriate is being gazed upon in an undiluted form? Couldn't this one be the artist? Well, no. So instead, we've created a fantasy landscape where these unadulterated sculptures can exist in 1:24 form as maquettes. Included are artists' sketches, plans and other assorted source materials.

Co-curated with Peter Prendergast




Alex de Roeck _ The Aquarius Monument

Paul Hallahan _ Home Is Where My Head Is (after some thought)

Vera Klute _ Blob  

Adrian Duncan _ Monument to an improvisation

Mark McCullough _ Triptych

Sabina Mac Mahon _ A Monument to Annie-Honoria Byrne by L. Byrne

Justin Larkin _ Girl frog-leaping over a wolf

Noel Hensey _ Country Style